Herbal Consultations

The first consultation is an hour long appointment and involves a detailed case history being taken. This includes discussing your current complaint(s), previous medical history, allergies, medication, lifestyle and diet. Physical examinations may be considered to be necessary in some cases.

The follow-up consultations are shorter in length, lasting half an hour, and are used to evaluate the treatment, give support and make adjustments as necessary. Most commonly,  a course of herbal treatment requires 2-6 visits, with the first follow-up consultation being carried out two to four weeks after the initial one and thereafter there is generally a longer gap between sessions.p1050883

Herbal prescriptions are individualised as the aim is to provide you with the most appropriate herbal assistance for your situation. Prescriptions can be internal (i.e. tinctures, teas, tablets) and/or external (i.e. creams, lotions, oils). The period and intensity of treatment will vary between individuals and your presented complaint(s). You may also be recommended to seek further assistance and/or treatment, for example with a GP, counsellor, massage therapist, chiropractor, reflexologist, etc., if this is considered to be necessary.