“After 4 years of Medical Consultants and no improvement in my diagnosed condition of Lichen Planus, I have now seen dramatic improvement since attending Lara and continue to improve and am delighted and relieved as this was a distressing problem. I definitely recommend her to anyone with a skin or other health condition. She is professional, highly qualified and effective in her treatments”.¬† – Mary, Dublin

“Very professional treatment. Worked wonders on my shoulder and back pain which I had had for a long time”. – Ann, Dublin

“I (& family) have been getting treatment & ¬†herbal remedies from Lara at Botanic Health for over 2 years. Based upon our experience I believe Lara to be an effective holistic practitioner. Her approach was friendly, thorough & direct, no nonsense, a mix of up to date knowledge on health, herbs, holistic principles. She is a keen listener! Her knowledgeable and subtle questioning at the initial consultation stage draws out a fuller disclosure of ailments, symptoms which give a clearer picture of the problem. To date I have been successfully treated for IBS type problems & chest infections worsened by an asthma condition. My wife & children also have benefited from treatments of a range of conditions. I would happily recommend Lara at Botanic Health and strongly recommend that a family medicine chest should always have a bottle of her cold mix on hand.” – Jim, Dublin